Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please excuse the delay...

Hello dear readers,
I apologize for the lapse in posts to the blog lately. I am recovering from Strep Throat and have not had the energy to post. But, I am back and as good as new and I have some interesting news for everyone...

There has been an update on our breaking news from Rock Springs. Apparently, the Scientologists are building a 20,000 sq. ft. building for their records with a 35,000 sq. ft. caretakers facility. They have finally applied for and gotten the permits, but it is good that they tried to do things the sneaky way first or else the fine investigative journalist in Rock Springs wouldn't have been able to break the story. More news on this as it becomes available.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Breaking News


The Federal Government has proposed/chosen Kansas has a site for a biological threat lab.

Not only are we neighbors to Kansas but this is another good reason to get that bomb shelter in place since we are fairly close. What if something went wrong in the lab? What if terrorists took over the lab and the research projects?

If the government is wary of weapons of mass destruction, don't you think we should be too?

This definitely rules Kansas out as a place to put a bomb shelter.

What does the R word have to do with bomb shelters?

Oh that scary R word...recession. As you may have heard, the United States is officially in a recession and we have been since December 2007! How can we be in a recession and not know it for a year? Most of the warning signs have been there for sometime...the huge bailout of banks/mortgages might have been the final clue??

So how am I going to tie recession and bomb shelters together?

Well, during a recession times do get harder, money gets tighter. We can't always afford what we want or need. A bomb shelter would probably be considered a luxury but it's at this time we need it the most. This is when the scary people come out of the wood work, when people become desperate, or even when items can become scarce.

That shelter can also be haven for items that you can stock up on in times of need. Even if you don't have a shelter, I urge you to buy a few extra items for the pantry. You never know when we may need them...at the least, a blizzard could be around the corner. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Loo Semi-Results

Thanks for putting me on the hunt Yellow Jeep Girl...good thought since we are librarians!

After doing some initial research, I do find that most waste/water treatments systems are meant to be sold to cities and/or the government. I have used a variety of keywords including my favorite to search by: personal waste recycle systems.

So in short, I am still doing some research. I am going to try to do some "book" research as opposed to just Internet research or ask my helpful public reference librarian. :)