Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Definitely a Yes!

From the reading article, we definitely need to start storing water! :)

A quote I came across today and do plan to implement the next time I run into one of these guys:

Greenpeace employee to college girl
: Hey! Are you pro-environment?

College girl: No, sorry, post-apocalyptic.

Happy Birthday Earth!

Now as you know, dear readers, today is Earth Day, or, the Earth's Birthday. In honor of the earth turning 4,500,734,132 years old (or 6,024 if you are a Jehovah's Witness Creationist) we here at the Survival of the Librarians co-headquarters wanted to share an interesting article from MSN, your most trusted news source besides The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This article that I found discusses what the earth will look like in 2100 if we do not stop the dreaded GLOBAL WARMING!!! Now, the fact that we will have a completely new world order coming in 2012 does not seem to matter to this author, but it is always good to keep up with the latest discussions in the zeitgeist of the end of the world.

The link:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bomb Shelter Shopping List Suggestion

So as you may have heard, dear readers, my bomb shelter life-mate Rye-Bread and I have added a new furry four-legged to our pack named Bear. Now, don't let the name fool you, Bear is actually a very sweet 6 year old chocolate lab that we adopted from the Dumb Friends League and he will be joining us in the bomb shelter. Pink Panda was very sweet and as a "welcome to the bomb shelter family" present, she bought Bear some dog cookies from 3 Dog Bakery. Now if you have not experienced 3 Dog Bakery's delightful products (and they are made with completely natural and healthy ingredients, because why would you feed your dog something you couldn't eat?) I highly recommend them. The cookies are DELICIOUS! AND AS AN ADDED BONUS YOU CAN EAT THEM IF YOU ARE RUNNING LOW ON BOMB SHELTER FOOD!!! I apologize for the shouting, but this opens a whole new horizon for food possibilities, especially if you do not want to eat the sodium- and preservative-packed SPAM. Here is a link to their website, just in case you are not near a location:


I took a quiz on facebook asking what kind of librarian I am:

You are a human search engine who always wins Trivial Pursuit. Logical, direct and clever, you'll spend days tracking down bits of information, even though the patron who requested it has long since moved on. If you can stop beginning all of your sentences with "Well, actually" or "I've always found that...", your co-workers will start talking to you again. Primary sources and well-structured databases make you quiver with excitement, and you probably stand the best chance of surviving Armageddon due to the breadth of knowledge tucked away among your little gray cells.

The sentence that sticks out the most is the last. Then it makes me think of about a survivor show of contestants going through armageddon? I bet people would learn alot from this...

Although they would still have the knowledge that at some point it would end. So I propose we create a "natural disaster" for some people and not tell them they are on a show or that everything will be okay.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2012 as a pop culture phenomenon

This is an interesting article that appeared in this last Sunday's Denver Post. In it, the journalist examines the recent surge in movies that feature the end times as a plot. Pink Panda and I have blogged about this before, when MySpace had an ad for the movie "2012" and also right after we saw the ultimately disappointing movie "Knowing" but I think it is interesting that the whole notion of 2012 and something big going down is becoming more mainstream. Could it be that people are playing on our deep-seated fears of the end of the world to make money? Or are they actually trying to give us some ideas on how to cope and endure through this trying time? I would love to hear your thoughts, dear readers!