Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What does the R word have to do with bomb shelters?

Oh that scary R word...recession. As you may have heard, the United States is officially in a recession and we have been since December 2007! How can we be in a recession and not know it for a year? Most of the warning signs have been there for sometime...the huge bailout of banks/mortgages might have been the final clue??

So how am I going to tie recession and bomb shelters together?

Well, during a recession times do get harder, money gets tighter. We can't always afford what we want or need. A bomb shelter would probably be considered a luxury but it's at this time we need it the most. This is when the scary people come out of the wood work, when people become desperate, or even when items can become scarce.

That shelter can also be haven for items that you can stock up on in times of need. Even if you don't have a shelter, I urge you to buy a few extra items for the pantry. You never know when we may need the least, a blizzard could be around the corner. :)

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