Monday, February 2, 2009

Institute for Human Continuity

Our dedicated follower Dogmama alerted me to this very important and interesting development this morning. She texted me about the banner ad on MySpace, and I (knowing that she is a loyal and dedicated follower and is always on the lookout for interesting developments) checked it out. What we found was this:

The Institute for Human Continuity. An organization that has taken it upon itself to ensure the survival of the human race beyond 2012. I was so excited and vowed to sign up for the lottery ASAP. They also have plans for the ark already built for us! What a perfect opportunity, to have entertainment giant Sony Pictures on the bandwagon for End of the World Preparedness! Wait, what? Sony Pictures has announced plans to help humankind survive the end of the world? Something is fishy about that...

Oh wait, it is because this is just a ploy to promote a new movie. And, it sucks that their lottery is only good for one person. What is the point in surviving the end of the world if your family and friends are not there as well? That is why, dear readers, we recommend preparing for the end of the world on a much smaller scale where you can chose people to be in the bomb shelter based on their skills that they will bring to the post-apocalyptic world. And most importantly, chose people with whom you get along.

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Dogmama said...

But luckily for us this viral website promotion has made our work much easier. They've done all the design and engineering for us. Yay!