Monday, March 30, 2009

It all started at a young age...

I watched a movie (more on that later!) with YellowJeepGirl this weekend that brought up all of these memories with one simple word: Y2K.

My mom instilled a good sense of parania, as some would call it, in me. We spent the better part of 1999 preparing for Y2K. We bought shelving and designated a room in the basement as a shelter. We stockpiled it with food, candles, matches, blankets, water and anything else you would need to survive.

Then the reports came in that 2001, was really the Y2K. We saved more. Believe me, it took longer than a year to get through that stockpile!

Now that I have my own house, we are designating space and will start stockpiling at least a few of the essentials. Especially now that a baby is on the way!

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