Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As you may have heard, Dear Readers, the Dreaded Tornado has returned to this great country of ours. Many buildings have been destroyed and lives lost. The other day my bomb shelter life mate and I had to gather our pet children and take cover in the basement because we were under a tornado warning. The sirens were going off and everything. It was definitely a time when I wish that the bomb shelter was a little bit closer. Luckily, Pink Panda was on alert to come get us out from under the stairs should our house collapse from the whirling vortex of wind.

This episode has led me to this suggestion for you dear followers of the blog-everyone should add a mini-bomb shelter to their houses just in case disaster should take us all unaware and cause us to not be able to get to the official bomb shelter. Make sure you stock it with water, a weather radio, blankets, food, and a couch because you will get tired of sitting on the floor. This mini-bomb shelter will also come in handy in this globally-warming environment that will just lead to more and more violent weather until the end comes in 2012.

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