Monday, February 7, 2011

End of the world in 2011 instead? HMMMMM!!!

Once again, we have been remiss in updating the blog because we have been frantically stocking our bomb shelters. Thanks to dedicated follower Dog Mama, it has been brought to our attention that we may have even LESS time than we thought. And by less time, I mean we might only have until MAY! YIKES! Proponents of the May 2011 theory include Marie Exley, a Colorado Springs Native and Army veteran, who left her home to travel the country to spread the news. AND, EVEN WORSE!!!, when the day comes, if we are not swept into the glorious realm of Heaven, that means we HAVE NOT BEEN SAVED! But, luckily we will only have to endure the period of torment for 5 months, because October will be the End of Time.

Personally, I am still going with 12/21/12 as the end of the world for two reasons:

1. 12/21/12 is more fun to type than 5/21/11. Let's keep it simple people.
2. The Mayans were around long before the Christians (whose Bible wasn't even written by the people who lived with Jesus) and they actually did all the work to create their own calendar, which makes the Mayan Calendar a Primary Source which as all librarians know, is much more reliable than secondary sources written way after the fact.

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