Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bomb Shelter Shopping List Suggestion

So as you may have heard, dear readers, my bomb shelter life-mate Rye-Bread and I have added a new furry four-legged to our pack named Bear. Now, don't let the name fool you, Bear is actually a very sweet 6 year old chocolate lab that we adopted from the Dumb Friends League and he will be joining us in the bomb shelter. Pink Panda was very sweet and as a "welcome to the bomb shelter family" present, she bought Bear some dog cookies from 3 Dog Bakery. Now if you have not experienced 3 Dog Bakery's delightful products (and they are made with completely natural and healthy ingredients, because why would you feed your dog something you couldn't eat?) I highly recommend them. The cookies are DELICIOUS! AND AS AN ADDED BONUS YOU CAN EAT THEM IF YOU ARE RUNNING LOW ON BOMB SHELTER FOOD!!! I apologize for the shouting, but this opens a whole new horizon for food possibilities, especially if you do not want to eat the sodium- and preservative-packed SPAM. Here is a link to their website, just in case you are not near a location:

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