Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I took a quiz on facebook asking what kind of librarian I am:

You are a human search engine who always wins Trivial Pursuit. Logical, direct and clever, you'll spend days tracking down bits of information, even though the patron who requested it has long since moved on. If you can stop beginning all of your sentences with "Well, actually" or "I've always found that...", your co-workers will start talking to you again. Primary sources and well-structured databases make you quiver with excitement, and you probably stand the best chance of surviving Armageddon due to the breadth of knowledge tucked away among your little gray cells.

The sentence that sticks out the most is the last. Then it makes me think of about a survivor show of contestants going through armageddon? I bet people would learn alot from this...

Although they would still have the knowledge that at some point it would end. So I propose we create a "natural disaster" for some people and not tell them they are on a show or that everything will be okay.

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