Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ugh, earthquakes...

Greetings dear readers,
As you may have heard, recently there was a terrible earthquake in Haiti. My sympathies go out to the Haitians, since I too was in a earthquake in Missouri and I know how scary it was, and theirs was about 800 times worse than mine. Plus, since their society has pretty much completely collapsed, it is definitely not good.

But, here is a lesson that I want to share with everyone: when I blogged on 1/9/10 about the show that dramatized what would happen when there is a total collapse of civilization as we know it--THIS IS A REAL WORLD DEMONSTRATION!!!! I saw the news broadcasts of the Haitians fighting each other over the air-dropped supplies and looting shops. It was deja vu all over again! The notion that we are just thisclose to mass chaos is NOT JUST A THEORY!!!! What if this had happened in the US??? Do you seriously think that we would behave any better??? NO!!!! I know I would punch someone in the FACE to get some food to feed my family if there was a limited supply. We are no better than the Haitians, and this is something we should keep in mind when designing our bomb shelters--MAKE IT EARTHQUAKE PROOF!!!!!!!

Also, speaking of earthquakes, just so you know, there have been earthquakes in New Mexico AND YELLOWSTONE. And what is in Yellowstone? That's right, A SUPER VOLCANO! And there have been over 370 earthquakes in Yellowstone in the past week. Supposedly it is just "normal" but I don't believe it. Where else but a reawakening supervolcano will you get over 50 earthquakes a day? And if you don't believe me, check out our post about the Yellowstone Super Volcano--it is about 10,000 years OVERDUE for an eruption!!!!!

Well, loyal followers, I am going to sign off for the night and head back to the kitchen to finish the bottle of wine I started earlier because of crappy work drama. Enjoy your hopefully earthquake-free evening, and make sure you earthquake-proof your bomb shelter!

--Happy Yellow Jeep Girl

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