Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to Wear to the End of the World

Greetings Dear Readers,
It's no surprise that I do things mainly for the cute outfits. Snowboarding, working out, running, tennis...I probably wouldn't do them if I didn't get to buy a new outfit to "motivate" me. (Ask my Bomb Shelter Life Mate Rye-Bread. He always calls me out on it. To which I reply- :-P) Now it has come to my attention that World Renowned Survivalist (and HOTT Brit) Bear Grylls has a website that sells Survival Clothing! Here is the link:

Our loyal followers know that, as librarians, Pink Panda and I firmly believe in presenting you with reliable resources. For survival, it doesn't get more reliable than Bear Grylls. In addition to having climbed Mt. Everest at age TWENTY THREE, he has served in the UK Special Forces and has his own TV show. AND he has a British accent, which makes EVERYTHING he says the truth. Bear Grylls' store also has children's survival clothes, which will come in handy as we are re-populating the Earth. So go, fellow survivalists, and stock up on survival clothing. Since we do not have fur, feathers, or scales, we will need all the help we can get!

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