Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dreaming about Bomb Shelters

Last night I dreamt about bomb shelters...and it actually led me to an interesting idea. We've discussed where in terms of geographical location we would put a bomb shelter but not necessarily where wer would put the bomb shelter.

What I mean is...would you put in under your house? As a stand alone underground location? Underneath a garage?

I would think you would want to put it somewhere where people walking by wouldn't notice it but you also want to be rescued in case a building collapses.


I think I would put it under my house for easy access. Less outside air or contaminants as well. That would allow us access to the house if it is still standing. I would also have another exit coming out of the ground somewhere next to or near the house instead of just from the house itself.

Maybe a GPS beacon wouldn't be a bad idea if we needed rescuing? Something else to add to the list...

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