Monday, November 17, 2008

Bomb Shelter Communication

So the topic of ham radios came up this weekend, and I wanted to give you, dear fellow survivalist followers of our blog, some advice on the topic.

First of all, when the shit has hit the fan and all communication systems are broken down, the only way to communicate will be via ham radio. Now, this is not a radio that is shaped like that tasty meat, but some kind of contraption where you have a call sign and a special signal and you can talk to like-minded people. Now I am not excatly sure of the ins and outs of the "ham radio" so I have recruited one of my friends who is a ham radio operator (and as a bonus, he is certified in Morse Code) to come into the bomb shelter along with his completely awesome girlfriend (sorry ladies, he is taken) to be our communication specialist.

So how should you go about finding your own ham radio operator? Well, I suggest Craig's List. Or possibly eBay. You could try finding one on MySpace or Facebook as well. The one thing that I do know, however, is that you can't have ours, so get your own!

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