Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Things You Need to Survive...

Wow! I can add a lot to the list but I definitely like the idea of adding a ham radio...communicating with other pre-planners such as ourselves will be essential to survival. Or even communicating with those who don't pre-plan...
  • Ham Radio...of course we are adding this to the list, especially since we have found an operator.

Jeep Girl brings up a good point. We also need to consider who will be in the shelter and for what reason. I definitely agree that we need spouses and at least a couple...so that we can repopulate the earth and they don't have to do imbreeding to accomplish this. So far we have:

  • Jeep Girl and Spouse
  • Pink Panda and Spouse
  • Ham Operator and Spouse

How many would you include? Every extra person is another mouth to feed but also another person to help with the workload and to help repopulate and to even keep conversations going when you are stuck in the shelter.

That reminds...me need to include games like Cheater Uno...so much to collect!

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