Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bomb Shelter Loo Solutions

Dear readers, one of our delightful blog followers, Ole One Eye, brought up this very interesting question--Where does one go #2 in the bomb shelter? Well, Ole One Eye, I am glad you asked that so I can address this very important issue.

Bomb shelter bathrooms are often overlooked on survival blogs. A Google search on "bomb shelter bathrooms" does not yield satisfactory results, so I am afraid we are on our own. My suggestion, and especially if you plan on being in your bomb shelter for a while, is to build a septic system underneath it and get lots of Rid-x. However, we realize that not everyone's budgets can afford this, so another good option is the good ol' coffee can. Think about it-it is large enough where you don't have to aim too much and it has a lid that can be replaced to keep in the smell. These coffee cans can also be used as defensive mechanisms--simply throw them at intruders; they will be so grossed out that they will turn tail and run, forgetting all about what they came to rob you for.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Nice suggestion with the coffee can. And isn't it true that whatever you put in an old coffee can, will then smell like coffee? No deodorizer required!