Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stockpile Gold and Silver?

HECK NO! Ok, look at it this way- can you eat gold? Well, I guess technically you could. But it is not a good idea. And when there is a complete breakdown of our banking system and society as we know it, people are going to be more concerned about getting food and we will enter into a barter system where I will say, "Hey, I have some extra eggs from my 27 chickens, and I need some ammo for my gun." and you will say, "Ok, I will give you 20 bullets for 50 eggs." and I will say, "Deal!" That is how a barter system works people! I am not going to say "Please give me 3 pieces of non-edible gold and I will give you 20 eggs." Nope. Not going to happen.

That being said--you SHOULD stockpile farm animals. I know, it might be smelly and cramped in the bomb shelter with Daisy the milk cow and some crazy chickens running around, but hey, our ancestors in the Middle Ages did it (and some in the Middle East still do it!) and it won't kill you. (Unless your cow has Mad Cow diesase, or the chickens sleep on your face and suffocate you with their feathers, but that is a whole other blog entry entirely.) The best way to avoid this scenario is to build your bomb shelter with a seperate area for livestock. And, you can use their poop for compost for your garden!

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