Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things you need to survive what's coming-Part 2

I'm going to add to the list...
  • Kayaks or Canoes...some kind of flotation device to tread through flooded areas or to travel or even to catch fish to eat.
  • Chocolate...good for the heart and a definite mood enhancer. Who wouldn't be down during the end times?
  • Animals...this would include a heifer for milk and potentially meat; chickens and a rooster for eggs and potentially meat; and at least a pig or two for meat.
  • help dry out the meat and perserve it.
  • butcher the meat or for protection.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Books or how to for many things such as giving first aid, butchering animals, and etc.
  • Radiation detector

There's much more but here's a few. Can you add any to the list? It would take alot of items to stock a bomb shelter!

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